Virtual Gratitude Journaling: A Technique that Finally Works

I have been teaching 9th and 10th grade English at a small Islamic school for the past decade. For many years, I have been trying to design a way to incorporate journaling in the classroom. This year I have finally alighted on a routine that seems to work. Every Wednesday, my students and I complete a “virtual gratitude journal.” Using JupiterEd, my school’s surprisingly powerful learning management software, everyone in the class (including myself) has 7 minutes to answer a prompt in a blog-like forum. Once they click publish, they are able to read their classmate’s responses, which I then read out loud once everyone is done. Some of the most effective prompts have been:

1. Write about a time you were mistaken.

2. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you STILL do even if you knew you would fail?

3. What is the first thing you would do if, insha’Allah, you make it to Jannah (heaven)?

I think there are several reasons that this style of “journaling” has proven effective. It feels validating to have your writing read out loud. Quieter students who are reluctant to speak in class can use this medium to find their voice. By participating alongside the students, I am able to share aspects of my personality and worldview that might not have otherwise come up. We all discover quirky and fascinating aspects of each other’s personalities and life experiences that help build community and connections. Finally, in this era of ChatGPT, this short burst of free-writing allows us to flex our uniquely human voices.

On Wednesday, the prompt was to write a paragraph to convince a friend to join your favorite hobby. Here was one of my favorite answers from a 10th grade student:

“Have you ever felt that movies are too short? Or maybe that you haven’t appreciated the story enough before it ended? What if I told you that you can experience a plot, characters and their dynamics, adventures, and more for hours and hours on end? That is what reading is. From psychological thrillers following the story of a murderer to fantasy novels following the exploration of another dimension, there will always be a story for you to enjoy. You can listen to, read a paper copy, or download a digital version of almost any book in the world. Reading is an incredibly accessible hobby that also has great benefits like improving your vocabulary, reading speed, reading comprehension, eloquence — the list goes on. Not only will you build your reading skills to use in everyday life, but you’ll join an ever-expanding community of readers.”

Pretty great, don’t you think? Kids are pretty amazing if you just give them a chance to shine.

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